Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Therapeutic oils to the rescue!

Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you are trying to help your dog calm down and you can't even get one click in, that is where Therapeutic oils come in.  I use the DoTerra oils, which are the highest and purest degree of oils, to help your dog calm down to the point where you can start working with them. You never want to push your dog too fast or put him in a situation where he is in over his head.  If, however, you are just in your yard or would like to go on a small walk, and your dog is still struggling, this can be your make or break. This link will take you to my store,where you can shop yourself, or get an idea of what I offer.
(the best place,that I have found, to rub the oils on your dog are the ears or paws)

 Not only can the oils be applied to your dog, but if you are stressed or need a little help staying calm as well (you dog does pick up on your stress so it would do you good to look into some for yourself) feel free to try a bottle of some on you.  All the oils come with a 100% money back guarantee and are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality.  I have seen it make remarkable difference in my life, as well as my pets.  I use the "Serenity" blend fo my animals (diluted in coconut oil) and the On Guard, Balance  & Aroma Touch for me and my family.  I am all for modern medicine, it has saved my life many times, but if I can use these oils first and prevent having to take medicine (which I hate having to do) then I like to try it first.  I have not needed any headache medicine since I have started using the DoTerra Peppermint oils, it has taken away all of my headaches that I have had within 15 minutes or less.  I started getting a cold and took the On Guard blend, my runny eye cleared up and my nose was no longer stuffy, plus I had what felt like a shot of energy that I hadn't felt in 3 days, all within about 30-60 minutes.  My kids have all started sleeping the whole night through again (they had all been waking up 2-3 times a night), and I can feel the immediate calm settle over me after taking the Serenity or Aroma Touch.  I could go on for quite a while, believe me, the only thing that has got me more excited than this really is the clicker and the positive reinforcement work that I have been doing with the dogs.  So take a look at what they have, give one a try on yourself, or ask me how to use it on your dog  and watch the magic unfold! Remember it is all 100% guaranteed, so you are safe giving it a try.

Here is a chart on dog reflexology for those who might be interested in it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Potty training with a doorbell

Here we have taught Ruby to push a doorbell, that has been placed on the floor, to let her family know she needs to go potty outside. We started last week with the button on the door and she had a hard time hitting the button, the button was then moved to the floor and a piece of flannel added to help her hit her mark, and wala! Yesterday (6 days after starting) she hit the button and went outside to potty. First we clicked her for touching the button, next we clicked her for making it ring, then she was clicked when the bell rang (after she pushed it) and was treated outside. The next step was to have her ring the bell every time the went to go potty outside, there she was clicked and treated for pushing the button, then again for going potty outside.
(the background noise is just one of the kids playing with something, not a clicker, it didn't sound as much like a clicker, while filming, as it does in in the clip)

Ruby Learning "Leave it"

Ruby is a spunky, smart little Yorkie that I have been training. We are on week 5 today, "Leave it" This is on average what happens when you set out to teach your dog to ignore something. I like to use a high value treat when teaching this on because they want it much more than their other treats, so when you get them to ignore a high value treat, other things are a bit easier. This video picks up about 10- 15 minutes into the training, so you see me make a few mistakes (everyone does ever now and then so don't feel bad when you do) by letting her get a lick off the spoon without me clicking her before (they should not be able to get a taste of whatever you use (I like to use a can of Max wet dog food) until they have demonstrated that they can ignore it for a second, then get clicked for it, then they can have a lick of the yummy treat that is on the spoon. A few reasons why I like using the Nutro Max wet dog food here, 1. I can't remember any dog who has turned their nose up at it, in fact most dogs will easily ignore any other treat I have used if this can of dog food is also available, 2. the dogs can smell it very easily (and love the smell), 3. it is easy to use a tiny bit (like I do for Ruby) or a whole spoonful, and 4. it is nutritionally balanced and good for your dog. You can use little bits of cheese or hot dogs, or a cooked piece of chicken. but I have found that the Max wet dog food to be the best balance overall (and I have had dogs turn their noses up at the use of hot dogs). This is just the first step, after you have taught your dog to ignore some really yummy food in front of it's nose, move on to placing some on the ground and walk you dog close enough to smell it and try to get it, but far enough away that no matter how hard your dog tries, they won't be able to accidently get some (and reinforce the bad behavior). Start to use this command whenever you need or want your dog to ignore something, another dog, a cat across the street, your plate of food on your coffee table (but beware some dogs will still try to get food left on the table if you are out of the room, as that behavior is self rewarding).