Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Potty training tips

So you have a new puppy, great! Congratulations!!!........ Now what.  He is eating the kitchen rug, I just turned my back and he peed (for the 3rd time today), even though he was just outside.  He is so cute and lovable, but I am really starting to second guess myself here.  Why again did I want a puppy?

Before you start thinking that let me help.  Clicker training works so well because it becomes like a game for your pup.  Their little brains are thinking... "How can I get that thing to click so I get my treat". It's a fun puzzle, and what most dogs in our society lack now is mental stimulation.

When you get your new bundle of joy I suggest having already been to the pet store and have the following: Dog crate, Clicker, treats, (cheap) balls/toys, food dishes, and food (I highly recommend Nutro products as they will give you less poop to worry about and less shedding), leash and small (or extra small) collar, and an enzymatic cleaner (My favorite one is Nature's Miracle).

Now when you bring your fur ball home you are all set to start off on the right foot.  First off  put collar and leash on pup. He should be on a leash at all times over the next 2 weeks or so.  If you can not watch him put him in the crate. (if he soils in the area place a cardboard box in the back of the crate to make a smaller area for him to be in for a few weeks)  Don't leave him in there for more than a couple of hours.  When he comes out he goes directly outside (don't get distracted).  Once he starts pooping or peeing (make sure you have your clicker in hand) click, and when he is finished he can have a treat.  Take him to the same spot every time (this will make your life easier in the long run so you are not searching everywhere for the poop to clean up).  They release pheromones when they pee that says to come back to that spot and repeat. (which is why I recommend the use of an enzymatic cleaner for your house).

If you are feeding on a schedule you will have a better idea of when he will need to go out.  You can even schedule water (just make sure it is ever half an hour or so).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introduction to Clicker Training

What is a Clicker, and how does it help train animals and pets? A clicker is really any device that creates a "click" sound, but there are some really good clickers out there. Why is the click important? The "click" is an important part of he training because it a unique enough sound that can be associated through operant conditioning to inform the animal that a reward (such as a training treat, toy, or other positive stimulus) is coming immediately. As the positive reward is given in conjunction with a command and desired behavior your pet learns that a good behavior (coupled with a click) gets them a reward - a reward that they are more than happy to keep performing for.

So what does all of this mean? Whenever you want to encourage your pet to do a particular behavior, you can use this technique to encourage the behavior to be repeated (on queue with verbal commands). The result? - A pet happy and willing to be obedient to the commands you offer!

To find out more how can help your pets learn to (happily) obey your commands, contact us to schedule group or private training.