Monday, February 2, 2015

Starting off right!

One might be asking what has Aliesha from Sit Spot Click been doing lately?  Well for starters I am full time training a service dog named Zoey.  She is helping a boy who suffers from extreme anxiety and has some delayed mental developments.  So far she has been wonderful, but she still has a lot to learn.  Because she is learning that going all kinds of places is fun, if you see me out and about feel free to ask to pet her.  She loves people, and that will currently serve as a reward for her good behavior as well as act as something for her to look forward to.  Here she is learning how to sleep through church.
Meanwhile, my classes with CPRD (Chehalem Park and Rec. Dept.) are still going strong.  I have loved getting to meet all of you that I have though there! Looking forward to a great year this year with many more people and their dogs that I will get to meet!

 Here is my latest grad from the CPRD classes.... his name is Tank!

 Isn't he a sweetheart!
 I have also started walking dogs for people...This is Atlas, and this is the deer that we ran into in the Canyon at GF.  He was so good and simply watched as I did, no barking at this deer!
 Roxy apparently has a thing with playing Pokemon cards with the kids....
 I am also still doing private lessons, here is Story... isn't he such a handsome fellow! He was so fun to work with!

Looking forward to a great, fur filled year!