Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introduction to Clicker Training

What is a Clicker, and how does it help train animals and pets? A clicker is really any device that creates a "click" sound, but there are some really good clickers out there. Why is the click important? The "click" is an important part of he training because it a unique enough sound that can be associated through operant conditioning to inform the animal that a reward (such as a training treat, toy, or other positive stimulus) is coming immediately. As the positive reward is given in conjunction with a command and desired behavior your pet learns that a good behavior (coupled with a click) gets them a reward - a reward that they are more than happy to keep performing for.

So what does all of this mean? Whenever you want to encourage your pet to do a particular behavior, you can use this technique to encourage the behavior to be repeated (on queue with verbal commands). The result? - A pet happy and willing to be obedient to the commands you offer!

To find out more how SitSpotClick.com can help your pets learn to (happily) obey your commands, contact us to schedule group or private training.

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