Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dog Days at Thanksgiving Point

This year Thanksgiving Point held their annual Dog Days in their Gardens!
 Here we are heading down to the festivities!

 I have such a well loved dog! :o)
 but she did get tired of having her picture taken, she wanted to get to the other dogs

 Here was a neat fly ball demonstration!
 Really fun and a great way for your dog to stay happy and burn some energy off, and you can easily teach your dog to do this in your own backyard!
 Frodo, what a great shot!
 In Fly Ball they use tug ropes to get their dogs excited and ready to run!

 See all the fun dogs that were watching!

 Look at this cute little beggar!

 After the fly ball demonstration was done they allowed you and your dog to give it a go and see how they would do... Roxy did excellent! They said she would be welcome on the team anytime!

 Frodo got to give it a go as well... he was a bit shy at first, but he did really well too!

 Roxy checking out the Koi in the pond...
 Love the fall colors!!!
 Run Frodo, Run!
 Everyone love this part!

 This was just priceless!!! Strider checking out the waterfall with the kids

 more pretty fall colors!!!
Thanks Thanksgiving Point!!! We had a blast!!!

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