Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fly Ball!

This is Roxy being taught something brand new with the clicker today.  Notice how she runs around a bit in the start.  She is offering behaviors that have been clicked recently hoping to get clicked for them this time.  However, I just wait a bit for her to come back round, I repeat what I want her to do, then start clicking ever time she does what I want.  Notice this video is just over 5 minutes.  After this I took her outside to play ball.  Dogs do best and learn better in short bursts just like this.  Now she is sleeping because she is worn out!  Keep your sessions short, but do them often. I will do this again tomorrow as well.  If you dog gets really excited like Roxy 5 minutes is good, but if your dog takes a bit of time to warm up to things, then 10 minutes might be better. Watch your dog, and if you sense they are getting too frustratedT it may be time for a break on that subject.

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