Monday, February 25, 2013

The secret life of Roxy

Well, it's not exactly secret, but it sounded fun.  We have been slowly getting out and exploring more of Newberg, Sherwood, and McMinnville.  We still have quite a bit more exploring to do, so on my facebook page I am going to have an album of "where is Roxy" and anyone who likes will have the chance to take a guess and see if they are right! So keep your eyes open, and if you spot us say hi! You might get a chance to have your picture with Roxy too!
 In case any of you were wondering...Roxy is chilling down by the Willamette river in Newberg!
 We went on a picnic and she was sad that she couldn't lick the food off everyone's faces, but she was very happy to get out and do some more exploring! She didn't want to get back in the car every time we got ready to head to a new spot.  There are so many new smells, and things to investigate. She gives us this look while standing by the car door that says, "Do I have to?"
 We found the Newberg "Peace Path", complete with the labyrinth, and we all got to walk it!

Ok so, if Roxy did have a secret life, this would be it, the cat loves to rub up against her and she then clean his ears, she always looks so embarrassed to be caught doing it though, she is just too much of a good little mother to resist.

 Roxy also has this thing where she loves to lay on any blanket that is on the floor, so if one gets spread out, she will be on it.  The kids love to read stories to her, and she makes the best little listener!

Here the kids thought it would be funny to put a "blanket" on top of her, after finding her asleep on their bathrobe they left on the floor.

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