Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teach your dog to play Fetch!

This is a 3 step video that shows you how to teach your dog how to play fetch.  First throw the toy and chase it, this shows your dog that the toy is fun and interesting.  If you grab it first, then play keep away with it that also increases your dog's desire to grab it.  Continue with this step until your dog picks the toy up with his mouth, or if you need to increase the desire for your dog to run after the toy with you feel free to break the step down even farther into micro steps where you are clicking your dog and giving a treat just for running with you then build on that.
The second step is clicking when your dog picks the toy up in his mouth, they will then run to you to get the treat which sets up your third step, click when the dog is bringing the toy to you.
So the third step is when your dog is running to you with the toy in their mouth (which is more likely to happen because you have been clicking for them picking the toy up, so they are excited and will sometimes forget to drop the toy as they run to you for their anticipated treat)  You then Jackpot them when they bring the toy back to you!
Roxy did these steps so quickly because she already knows how to play fetch, don't count on your dog catching on as fast, but don't be surprised if they do either. Some dogs, just like people, are better at learning certain new things than other, so give your dog the benefit of the doubt and be patient and consistent.  Remember to break things down into smaller steps if you need to, these are just the basic steps, some dogs will need more encouragement, but take heart, Roxy had zero interest in playing fetch for the first couple of months I had her and I taught her in the same way I am showing you. Teach your dog how to play fetch!

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