Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Speak Dog-Safely Interpreting What Dogs Are Saying-Class in McMinnville at Pets Stop Inn

 Imagine a little speech bubble in the left hand corner saying, "What am I thinking?" 
Well if you are like most people, we like to think we understand them, after all we love them and spend the most time with them.  But do you really know what that face is saying all the time?  Did you know that you could?

Come learn what your dog (or any dog) is saying!
Saturday Oct. 19th @ 11 am
at the Pets Stop Inn  
2818 NE Rivergate St. McMinnville

I will be teaching you all how to tell a happy, friendly dog from one that is scared, or aggressive, and how to calm down an aggressive dog or diffuse the situation.

You can sign up for the class ahead of time at their retail location
You can walk in and pay at the time of class as well.
Cost is 5.00 per adult 2.00 per child (5-18 yr)
*2 dollars off for Home Depot Employees 

Spread the word, let your neighbors know, this is potentially life saving information.  Here is what Stephanie said of the last class I gave..."I wanted to recommend your class on reading dog's body language to everyone after an incident tonight. I was walking Trigger and there was a loose dog in a yard. I saw the dog's ears go down and mouth close, and then he stared at us then he pointed." I pulled Trigger closer to me and decided to make a wide circle on the opposite side of the street. Next thing I knew the dog charged and attacked Trigger. I let the leash go slack and became a "tree" and didn't eye the dog. I told Trigger "no" and "enough" to let him know to back down. The dog quit and went back home and we left for home. Without that class and training I don't think it would have ended the same!" (Stephanie Williams)

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