Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Training Options!!!

You all know the saying about dogs and learning new tricks....
Well I am learning new ones too!

It has come to my attention that there are still needs from you all out there that I am not meeting by simply holding classes.  I would like to change that. I am still offering the classes that I have in the past, I am simply adding to them!
I am now offering the ability for you to have me train your dog for you!
I know your lives are busy, I know you love your dog(s), and I also know that sometimes an experienced hand is the best one.  

Call me and we will arrange a time for you to drop your dog off daily, and I will spend an hour training your dog 5 days a week.  Feel free to run your errand, or take a well deserved break.  I will hold these sessions for 3 weeks, then at the end of the last week we will decide on a time where I can teach you and your dog together.

The first day I will explain what it is your dog will be learning and we will have what I call a "warm up session" where you and your dog will spend that hour getting to know me and the area that I will be training in. After that you will simply be dropping your dog off for me to work with.  I will send home simple instructions to help you and your dog continue with his better behavior at home. The last couple of classes I will spend with you and your dog, teaching you how to work together and make the training last.

The pricing will be $200.00 for 3 weeks of personal training, or if you feel that your dog will need more I will offer 4 weeks for $250.00

 I am located in Newberg for this pricing.  I am getting together a similar package for the McMinnville area, so stay tuned!

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