Friday, March 9, 2012

Aggressive dog?

So you have a dog who is great with the family, but doesn't like other dogs.  Maybe your dog is great with you but not other people.  Either way I can help.  Even if you dogs is older and is just getting worse there is never a better time like the present to get him/her back on track.  I will set up one on one time and we will slowly recondition your dog to "watch" you when he/she sees another dog, and we recondition good feelings to replace the scary ones he is feeling now.  Each dog is individualistic and I will take the unique approach to each of them.  Some dogs might take only 6 weeks to make a remarkable difference, others may take 10 or more.  I am willing to work as slowly as needed to help you and your furry friend.  A lot of what looks like aggression ("I just don't like you") is really "I'm afraid of what you might do so I am going to tell you to back off first".  That is called fear aggression.  It is one of the most common issues that dogs develop. Fortunately it is reversible in most cases.  If you or someone you know has a dog with aggression issues please let them know that there are ways to help.

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  1. Interesting! There seems to be a recent stray dog in our neighborhood who is definitely aggressive. A big white dog that's part pit-bull. He comes across as really mean and dangerous. I'm sure no one is working with him, but every time I see him I've wondered if there is any real option for mean dogs. I wouldn't want the risk, but it's nice to know that if someone wanted to, there's a possibility.