Thursday, March 1, 2012


Here are some tips for teaching your dog to "Heel" by you instead of trying to pull your arm off.  This is one that will take time and practice (and lots of it) to get it down perfect.  It's kind of like "come", they may know it after a few times, but getting them to do it reliably will take practice.

First stop pulling back on the leash. (I know, what do you mean just let them run? No) As soon as your dog starts pulling, stand still. Call your dog back to you adding the word "heel", if they come Click and treat! If they don't turn around and take as many steps in the opposite direction as you need for your dog to be next to you, then click and treat when they are by your side.  Turn back around and continue on your walk.  As soon as your dog is pulling again, repeat the process.  This uses both negative and positive reinforcement and they work together to teach your dog that he is not going to get anywhere fast unless he is walking by your side.

The more often you do this the faster your dog will pick up on it for a few reasons:  First your dog is getting out and being exercised ;o) (that always makes a big difference), second consistency builds upon itself (if you are always asking and expecting the same thing from your dog he will catch on faster), and last but not least, the more closer together that you do the training for the same thing the faster they will catch on to the rules of the game.

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