Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Graduates!

Our May graduates! (The humans aren't the only ones graduating this month!) Congrats you guys!!! You all improved so much!!!!
 Here is Annie giving us a nice sit/stay! For coming to class a few days after being adopted she has made leaps and bounds!
 Snoopy, our little fuzz ball! He was one of the fastest learners through the whole class!
 Snoopy's brother came to see him graduate! (Hi Moe)
 You can see his eyes now!
 Annie watching mom, practicing "Leave It"
 Our lovely Luna! She was so sweet! She really came out of her shell around week 4! She is such a happy little girl!
 Luna on a "down"
Roxy and Luna practicing "Leave it"  I love their focused looks!

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