Tuesday, July 3, 2012


For the dog days of summer we are celebrating by giving away a 5 quart water bowl to keep your best friend happy and healthy this summer!  It holds plenty of water and as a bonus, it has a plug to keep it thawed in the winter cold!

Winners will be randomly selected from the comment section.  Leave me a comment with you and your dog's name and what your dog's favorite summer activity is!  Happy commenting!


  1. My Dog Marley's favorite thing to do in the summer is cuddle with me in my hammock with me and sleep while i read my book!

  2. Lucy loves to play frisbee in the evenings when it cools off. She also likes to paw at the sprinklers when they come on. Not to fond of running through them but pawing and drinking from them is fun.

  3. Lonna, you won the drawing! Send me an email and we will get your bowl to you or you can come pick it up!