Friday, June 29, 2012

July Dog Safety

The month of July is one of the most dangerous for dogs, especially here in Utah where we have two firework holidays in the month.  The fast loud booms and cracks along with the air smelling like gun powder would set anyone on edge if they weren't expecting it.  A lot of dogs will be startled and then scared because it doesn't stop.  Whole hours of loud booms and shrieks and don't forget all that smoke!  It's no wonder out little furry friends go scurrying under beds or get freaked out.  Please be aware that more pets get lost this month than any other.  If you are going to be gone in the evening hours please either keep your dog crated or in the house where they will feel safer and don't have the chance to run away.  Also keep in mind that if you do loose you pet check the shelters in person.  I have heard many stories from people who have called the shelters and were told they did not have their pet, only to later go in to see for sure and have found them there.  Also make sure your dog has either a microchip and or ID tags, so if they do get lost they you can be located.  I can tell you from experience when you find a lost dog and don't know who they belong to and they don't have any ID on them, the next place I would take them would be the shelter because I would hope that is where their  owners would look for them.  Fortunately for the few dogs that I have found (none of whom had ID tags), I knew their owners or at least had a good idea where they lived.  If your dog is running from the fireworks though they will most likely be a long ways from home by the time they are found.
Now is also a really good time to work on your recalls, if you haven't for a while.  For example, last night I took Roxy for a walk in the park.  While I walk I throw the ball for her to chase and we all have a good time.  Well after I threw the ball one time for her someone shot off some fireworks and the noise gave her quite a start (neither of us were expecting it).  I have been working on her recall for the past 6 months pretty regularly, and the look on her face when she heard the noise was not one I wanted to see.  She was already running towards me when the noise started and it looked like she was going to keep on running right past me.  Luckily for me she stopped long enough for me to grab her leash and I was able to calm her down. We walked straight home after that.  (She got lots of little treats from me after that as well as I clicked her when she came back to me).  Dogs don't calm themselves down very well.  Roxy was already worked up because she was chasing her ball, and when the fireworks went off her adrenalin shot up even higher.  Staying prepared this month will go a long way to every staying safe.
Please keep your pet safe this holiday season.
We want your dogs to enjoy their "dog days of summer"

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