Friday, April 5, 2013

Teaching your dog Herding skills

Ok so you may or may not have a dog like Roxy who loves to work and has a natural skill at herding.  Well there is a new game in town called Trieball, it uses the same skills that the dog would use against sheep, but they use big yoga balls instead of livestock.  So thus began my wanting to teach Roxy how to push a ball with her nose, and the need for her to learn the commands "come by" and "away." So here I am teaching Roxy both! (and you get to see some "raw training").  I use treats to lure her around first, and then I give her a big "yay" with her ball.  Then I start using the ball after I click her so it got her more excited, which is good and bad.  I had to work at keeping her more focused when I brought the ball out.

I am hoping to get some other dogs involved here and have some competitions later on maybe near the end of summer.  Let me know if you are interested in teaching your dog how to play!

Here are other dogs learning to play the game...

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