Thursday, May 23, 2013

How long does it take to train a dog?

Water may be soft, and rocks hard and firm, but water will always beat the mighty mountain in the end.

Patience is a virtue and this is why, not everyone has it, but think, those who do are people we greatly respect.  So thank your dog for helping you gain some more of it.  Patience is gold when it comes to training, coupled with consistency, what seemed like it was going to take forever starts to speed up after a bit, you just have to give it some time.with a puppy you have stages to go through, so you're not off the hook there just because your 12 week old pup is doing all the basics. Don't forget that puppies first year of life needs to be looked at in stages.  The time you bring them home is the baby stage, next up is the teens (months 5-12) then you have the young adult, from year 1-2.  The dog "teen" time tends to be the hardest for most puppy parents to go through.  Remember they may or may not know what you want them do to, but they will always be testing your consistency at this stage.  This is more of a test for you then it is for them, remember to stop and think.

Every dog is an individual, yes the "type" or breed of dog they are does play into their personalities, but get to know your furry friend and you will begin to see the answer for yourself.  If you can't then don't feel ashamed for asking for professional help.  I don't feel ashamed when I call a plumber even though I can work a wrench. Learn to think in stages when it comes to training, and you will be much happier!

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