Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What a dog wants

Ever notice those dogs who will chase that ball till they drop?  How about those dogs who can grab the Frisbee in mid air.  Why is agility so popular?  Why do our dogs get so excited to do these things?  Any guesses.....?  If you stop and think about it, when you taught your dog to play fetch or how to run an agility course were you happy?  Were you supper excited and showed it when they brought the ball back to you?  The things that your dog tends to care the most about are the things that you were excited about and gave the most positive feedback for.  (Keep this in mind when you go to teach your dog anything, it will get you much farther if you use positive feedback more than negative, you will have a do who is much more enthusiastic to do what you are asking.)

For those who are still trying to teach their dogs how to play fetch here is a tutorial for ya! Enjoy!

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