Saturday, June 23, 2012


This is Kaiza, she is the latest graduate from Sit Spot Click!  She illustrates why I love using the clicker for training.  She is a very sweet dog who loves to play and is very smart. However, she was quite the wild child before we started training.  She love to jump on everyone, wouldn't listen very well or at all when asked to get off or to leave anything alone.  She loved kids but would knock them down in one second flat if she was close enough to them.  It wasn't for the lack of trying to train her either.  She was 9 months old when we started and her owner told me that she has been trying to train her since she got her as a tiny puppy. Fast foreword 6 weeks......

Kaiza did not jump once on any of my kids who were out running around in the yard, and coming up to pet her.  She heeled just as nicely off leash as she did on.  She sat when asked and waited and stayed.  You would not have known she was the same dog!  When talking to a person in the next class I overheard her owner make this astute observation, "I think it helped a lot when she realized what it was that I wanted her to do."  That is exactly what the clicker does.  It clears up the barrier that we have in our communication styles.  Dogs don't speak human, and we don't speak dog (at least not very well).  The clicker removes the need for a common language and creates a common code system that we can both use.  When you dog learns what it is you really want him to do they will be much more comfortable around you and you both will be happier. :o)

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