Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Dog Safety Tips

 This is a cute hot dog   This is not.

If you suspect Heat Stroke in your dog (I have witnessed too many dogs that have died from it in the summer) Do the following to help their body cool down (then get them to a vet!)  Read the article to see how to prevent Heat stroke.

Move your pet into the shade or an air-conditioned environment to prevent further heat absorption.
Measure their rectal temperature with a digital thermometer (not glass) and plenty of lube (Vaseline, KY, or similar). If their temperature is above 104 degrees F, begin cooling them by spraying cool (not cold) water over their body. If you have a fan handy, you can turn it on and have it blow over them. This can help to establish evaporative cooling. It is important though to cool them slowly and not too low. You should track their rectal temperature frequently (every minute or so) and stop actively cooling them when their rectal temperature reaches 103.5 degrees F. Under no circumstances should you put your pet in a tub of ice cold water! This will lead to constriction of the blood vessels under their skin and actually impair their ability to get rid of their excessive body heat.
Once you are done cooling them, dry them off slightly with a towel – this can help to prevent excessive cooling from occurring.
You can offer your pet some water to drink. But you shouldn’t let them drink too much or too fast, and you should never attempt to force water down the throat of a pet that is too mentally obtunded to drink on their own.
Again, even if you have done these ‘first aid’ measures, your pet should be brought for veterinary evaluation as soon as possible. Problems can still exist or develop, and your veterinarian is trained to detect, anticipate, and treat them. Check out this link for more ways to prevent Heat Stroke in your pet.

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